In the beginning there was the myth: only French women know how to wear scarves.

But in 1982, Christopher Carroll and Claudia Koch – Americans heavily influenced by the French culture – weren’t interested in myths. They preferred scarves.

Meeting on the terraces of Parisian cafes, dreaming in their Berkeley, Calif. loggia/boardroom, Chris and Claudia built an accessories collection under the name ZAZOU – a name that came to be known in the boutiques and museums of Europe as the American company that made beautiful scarves.

Chris, working in paint, ink and cut paper, developed designs. Claudia, working on airplanes, in back alleys and far away factories, found the fabrics and techniques to translate them into the scarves of your dreams.

Because they knew, without dreaming there is no design.

They spent long hours following butterflies, lying in the grass, watching the flowers grow. They traveled the world looking for the new. Trends waxed and waned and ZAZOU captured them all, from velvet devoré to crinkled cotton. From silk and bamboo to plaid, stripes and dots.

They chose the name ZAZOU from the group of Parisian nonconformists during WWII, who danced to swing music and wore wild clothes. They were a ray of light during a dark moment in history.

ZAZOU still thinks of them when designing scarves. Not to mention the mythical French woman, who really knows how to wear them.

In 2012 ZAZOU was sold to Sterling Styles, Inc.  where they share the same passion and customer base as ZAZOU

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